My name is Nick Squaresky(He/She/They), and I'm happy you stopped in to learn a little bit more about me.
I believe that my BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania has led me exactly where I'm supposed to be in this world, and I'm so grateful to be crossing paths with you. Here is a short road map of my journey:
In 2012, I landed an internship in Philadelphia that turned into a full time position, where I stayed on as their Multimedia Designer for about 2 years. After moving out of the city, I took up work with a recruiting agency where I got to work in various places. While bouncing around doing recruiting jobs, I landed another internship with a local Stationery Design company– which is where my love for Wedding Stationery really flourished. It wasn't until 2015, that I finally ended up at Kampus Klothes. I started off as a part-time temp, was quickly offered to become a full-time temp, and was then offered a Full Time permanent position– all in a matter of two months. I eventually became the Senior Graphic Designer in their Art Department and stayed aboard for a little over 5 years. As of October 2021, I am currently a Sublimation Production Artist at Boathouse Sports in Philadelphia, PA. I am proud, honored, and humbled to be a part of a growing company/department that, not only, accepts me as I am, but continues to be a proud USA manufacturer that strives to make an impact on its community.
Please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to your correspondence– you can get in touch with me here.
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